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Attending the University of Florida makes a high-quality college education quite affordable.  For detailed annual cost estimation, please visit the University of Florida website for admitted and prospective students: Cost of Attendance

Housing, healthcare and childcare

Housing costs vary according to your preferences in terms of location and type of accommodation. On-campus housing includes air-conditioned dormitory rooms; shared four-bedroom, two bath apartment facilities; air-conditioned one-bedroom apartments for single graduate students; and family housing in one of five apartment villages run by the university. Off-campus housing is available at numerous apartment complexes and rental properties throughout town. You can obtain information on various housing options from the UF Division of Housing, which also handles applications for on-campus housing. You can apply for on-campus housing any time after your admission application is approved; the demand for housing makes applying soon as possible advisable. In order to maintain eligibility for on-campus housing, you must qualify as a full-time graduate student making satisfactory progress in your degree program.

Two additional expenses that vary from student to student are healthcare and childcare. Tuition includes a health fee that covers basic services at the UF Student Health Care Service. Because all services are not covered, you should consider obtaining a supplemental student health insurance plan. The Florida Healthy Kids Program (telephone 1-888-352-5437) also offers inexpensive health insurance for children enrolled in Alachua County schools. The UF Baby Gator Nursery offers on-campus care for infants and children ages three to five for a varying cost based on income. Because there is a waiting list for this facility, parents are advised to contact the nursery (telephone 352-392-7900) as soon as their admission applications are approved.

Other graduate architecture student expenses may include initial layout for studio equipment and tools, occasional class field trips, and costs associated with your thesis or Master’s Research Project (such as typing, duplication and binding fees).


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