Start Your Journey in Landscape Architecture

Established in 1933, the Department of Landscape Architecture offers the only professionally-accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program in the
state of Florida.

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture is the profession that applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design, and management of both natural and built environments. Integrating art and science, Landscape Architects enhance the quality of our environment while
solving conservation and development related problems. They create the best use and function of outdoor spaces at a broad range of scales, from private residential and commercial projects, to public works such as parks and trails, to large-scale projects such as urban design, regional planning and environmental restoration.


Career Paths

Private Design or Planning Firm

Firms can be small, single discipline or large multi-disciplinary practices. The private sector is the most common career path of graduates.

Public Agency

Graduates may choose to work for a city, state or national level agency. The National Park Service is the largest employer of landscape architects in the country.

National or International Non-Governmental

Apply your skills within a public interest practice. One of our graduates works for a non-profit design organization working with under-represented populations while another works with the U.S. Peace Corps in Nepal as a community development specialist. 

Pursue a graduate degree for a career in academia

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Landscape Architecture through our Master’s or doctoral degrees.

Application Information

The UF Office of Admissions handles freshman admissions and reviews applications. Freshman applicants who are admitted to the University of Florida can declare Landscape Architecture as his or her major. 

Application Deadline: November 1st


The College of Design, Construction & Planning reviews transfer applications. Students who have earned an AA degree or at least 60 credit hours may apply for transfer admissions. Transfer applicants are considered on a space available basis. 

Competitive applicants should complete the below prerequisite courses prior to transferring to UF: 

• Pre-calculus MAC 1147 OR Pre-calculus Algebra MAC 1140 AND Trigonometry MAC 1114

• Introductory Botany BOT 2010 OR Biology 1 BSC 2005

• Recommended: Architecture Design I ARC 1301 and Survey of Architecture History ARC 1720

Application Deadline: 
Summer: February 1st 
Fall: June 1st
Spring: September 15th