Start Your Journey in Architecture

The School of Architecture recognizes design as a synthesis of thinking, analyzing and making — an iterative process that engages, issues of space, historical precedent, sustainability, ecology, urbanity, landscape, built-form, and construction toward innovation.

School of Architecture

Design studio is the core pedagogical modality of the UF School of Architecture program. Studio is a positive collaborative context enabling the process of architectural design in all its aspects, and fosters speculation, critique, analysis, and most importantly self-directed modes of inquiry and synthetic responses. The SoA emphasizes a strong focus on studio culture through scholarly rigor, expectation for excellence, coordinated support courses, engagement of national and international experts, and appropriate facilities and supplies.


Career Paths

Architectural Practice

Our students are fully prepared to actively engage in practice and most of our students start their professional careers within a private architectural firm. The starting points for our graduates are as diverse as the nature of architectural practice, which can range in focus, such as public to private sector work, and in scope, such as small-scale residential work to airports and stadiums. Our curriculum is developed with this depth and breadth in mind, and successful students will be equally prepared to tackle the full range of building issues, from big to small.      

Building Technologies

Like its peer professions, Architecture has become increasingly complex and requires increasing specialized knowledge of building systems and design strategies. Design firms will often collaborate with specialty firms and practices, such as architectural acoustics, lighting, building envelope design, and digital design and fabrication. Our students are well-versed in the fundamentals of these systems and some will find their way towards the more specialized practices that hold their interests. 

Affiliated Design Practices

The versatility of our Bachelor of Design degree never ceases to amaze. We have alumni who have moved well beyond the conventional boundaries of architectural practice and have charted a diverse and divergent set of career paths, such as digital visualization and marketing, furniture design, theater design, and film production and direction. 

Public Sector

Some of our students are more inclined to pursue public sector work, such as community design centers, historic preservations boards and project managers for various public entities. This kind of work carries a different focus and our students are well prepared to leverage their design skill towards the complex needs of public work.


Some of our students are instinctively drawn to the construction industry and redirect their design skills towards these ends. 

Real Estate and Development

Architecture and Real Estate Development are a natural pair and will attract students who are interested in the larger worlds of financing and growth. 

Application Information

The UF Office of Admissions handles freshman admissions and reviews applications. Freshman applicants who are admitted to the University of Florida can declare Architecture as his or her major. 

Application Deadline: November 1st


The College of Design, Construction & Planning reviews transfer applications. Students who have earned an AA degree or at least 60 credit hours may apply for transfer admissions. Transfer applicants are considered on a space available basis. 

Competitive applicants should complete the below prerequisite courses prior to transferring to UF: 

• Physics I PHY 2053 OR Applied Physics PHY 2004 
(lab is not required)

• Precalculus MAC 1147 OR Precalculus Algebra MAC 1140 and Trigonometry MAC 1114

Application Deadline: 
Summer: February 1st 
Fall: March 1st