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Historic preservation students participate in historic monuments workshop

April 21, 2011
On April 1-2, students from the University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program, along with interested participants from around the country, participated with the National Council for Preservation Technology and Training on a two-day experiential workshop at the Historic Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine.

Instructors Jason Church and Sarah Jackson led both classroom lecture and “hands-on” fieldwork teaching the participants the many skills and contingencies that are involved in the process of the conservation of historic monuments in Tolomato.

Local preservationist, Elizabeth Gessner of the Tolomato Cemetery Preservation Association, wonderfully hosted the event and gave students the local history of those interred at the cemetery and the social, political and environmental contexts that assist, and possibly limit restorative and conservative efforts in this amazing historic resource.

Professor Marty Hylton, the interim Director of the Historic Preservation Program and Leslee Keys, UF Ph.D. student and Flagler College’s Director of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations facilitated the needs of all the participants, on many levels, and was instrumental in ensuring the exceptional quality of this educational experience.

Regardless of your discipline within DCP, educational experiences like this help take the theory and principles from the classroom, and apply them in real life situations, giving the students and the instructors the satisfaction in meeting personal, professional and academic goals while at the same time serving the community in need of these efforts. It was a truly rewarding experience where all of the participants exchanged contact information and the expressed desire to continue providing the learned educational objectives far beyond the weekend workshop.

In closing, a special thanks to the Historic Preservation Programs Director, Professor Roy Graham, for his insight and efforts in providing students in DCP and UF this exceptional educational opportunity. Planning and development of courses like this are just one way we realize how lucky we are to have the experienced faculty and staff we have here in DCP at UF. Go Gators!